abstract cello

EXS24 or KONTAKT 3.5+
16bit, 44.1kHz
25 Instruments, 2.0 gigabytes

Recorded with DPA 4003 omni-directional, low-noise microphones,
Neve 1073 microphone pre-amplifier and Empirical Labs EL7 tape compression.
Post manipulation done with a Symbolic Sound Kyma system and a Synclavier 9600.


This is not your standard “meat and potato cello library”. Instead, think of this library as a supplementary orchestral frosting on the cake, perfect for adding the final layer to any type of film score. An ambient exploration of the extended range of the solo cello. Ultra pianissimo sustained strings, lush ambient scapes, percussive elements, chords, effects and more. The majority of the sounds are multisampled, un-looped and keep evolving for 30 seconds or longer.

Great care was taken during the recording phase to capture the best and most interesting sound. Hyper sensitive DPA 4003 omni-directional 130v stereo microphones, placed sometimes only millimeters from the strings, for the maximum omni present effect.


cello bazaar

Tobias Enhus
Critical Mass, LLC.

cello rhythms

Rhythmic permutations.
cello rhythms

Yet more rhythmic permutations.

cello sustain

Gorgeous evolving sustained cello.

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